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Luscious Laundries

Finding a suitable bench top for your space can be challenging given that there are a now a number of products available on the market. Laminate Laminate bench tops are still very popular and there is now a great deal of variety in laminates which mimic natural stone, concrete, [...]

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6 of our favourite laundries

The laundry room is often a space that is forgotten when it comes to the planning and design of this space.  Some laundries are located in multipurpose spaces and the size of the laundry varies greatly.  In some homes laundries are located in a small enclosed nook, which is [...]

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Why are homeowners renovating their kitchen?

It seems like everyone is in the mood for renovating their kitchen.  There are so many lifestyle programs available to watch to get inspiration and with platforms online such a Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram, it is no surprise why some many homeowners are choosing to renovate their kitchen.  Here [...]

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Must Have Kitchen Accessories in 2020

There are a bunch of kitchen accessories on the market which are designed to make your kitchen more organised and functional within the home.  Here are a few suggestions to help keep your kitchen in order. Spice Racks If you are an avid cook and love to use loads [...]

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Handy Hints for Pantry Organisation

Keeping your pantry free from clutter is difficult at the best of times.  That's why incorporating some useful tips to keep your pantry free from clutter is important, especially if you are in the midst of designing a new pantry for your kitchen. Here are a few suggestions we [...]

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We were featured on Houzz

We have been using Houzz as one way to showcase our cabinetry photos and designs.  We are thrilled that one of their writers has decided to feature one of our images in their article. Houzz is a great platform for anyone who is looking for design ideas.  It [...]

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Design Trends in 2020

The year 2020 has now arrived and with it comes the latest kitchen trends.   Here are a few popular trends to look out for in 2020 for your next kitchen renovation. VJ Groove During 2019 we saw panel look cabinetry become extremely popular in both country stale and modern [...]

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Our room of the week

Our room of the week is a actually more like a nook rather than a room, more specifically a study nook.  A study nook is a great option for creating a usable space with additional storage without requiring an entire room to create it.  We love study nooks as [...]

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Some of our favourite bathrooms

Bathrooms are probably the second most expensive room of the home to renovate after the kitchen.  Some of the aspects we can often forget about when planning a bathroom renovations, is allowing for ample storage and size of a vanity unit.  Bathrooms can be spruced up with a [...]

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Christmas Special For a Limited Time Only

RECEIVE A 10% CREDIT TOWARDS APPLIANCES WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY CABINETRY FROM NOW UNTIL 31st JANUARY 2020 See below for terms and conditions From now until 31st January 2020 we are offering an exclusive special to celebrate a new year.  We wanted to make Christmas last [...]

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