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Calacutta Marble

    This gorgeous new home has been completed in some gorgeous but classic colours which, provides a timeless and elegant finish.  The kitchen is a great centre piece to the home completed in Egger Melamine White Sheen for the majority of the cabinetry.

    The kitchen island is a striking contrast completed in Polytec’s Black Wenge in a Ravine finish. The black is a great feature and adds texture to the room with the subtle ravine finish. The bench tops are definitely one of the biggest highlights in the space, which, have been completed in one of our staple products the gorgeous Polytec laminate Calacutta D’oro Matera.  This stunning white bench top has gorgeous marble pattern throughout and has been used throughout the home on the vanity units and in the kitchen.  The Stainless effect handles by Kethy are also a great addition.  A Flemish cutlery tray completed in white in the drawer.  The butlers pantry is a great space which has been created not only for storage but for food preparation as well.  The cabinetry features gorgeous black exterior in Polytec Melamine Black with a textured finish with carcase white open shelving.  The bench top is the same as the rest of the kitchen.  The black Kethy handles are a great feature.  To follow on with the kitchen theme the laundry has the same black Polytec textured black cabinetry with a stunning Polytec 35mm laminate bench top in the colour Bernini Marble.  The study nook features the textured Polytec Black Wenge Ravine as also featured on the kitchen island.  The bathroom vanities featured in classic Egger white sheen with the same Calacutta D’oro laminate bench tops matches the kitchen perfectly tying the colours and textures altogether.  The white kitchenette uses clever bi-fold door to conceal the space to hide away any mess.  In the living room a quaint seating area has been created for additional storage and seating.  We love the classic yet modern touches this lovely new homes has and we thoroughly enjoyed working with our clients to achieve the finished product.  The gorgeous joinery on this home was created by Alecia Bowman at the Launceston Kitchen Centre.