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Char Blue Island

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Char Blue Island This kitchen provides a gorgeous classic finish whilst still providing all the functional elements of a modern kitchen.  The stunning two tone… Read More »Char Blue Island

Honey Elm

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Honey Elm This renovated home located in Launceston is a great example of what can be achieved to open a space and create a modern… Read More »Honey Elm

Celery Top

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Celery Top Kitchen This stunning Launceston property provides a uniquely modern yet minimalist aesthetic. All the cabinetry has been created using Celery Top Veneer, which,… Read More »Celery Top


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Scandinavian Kitchen This beautiful home provides so much storage and some great cabinet features and some gorgeous colours and textures to provide a Scandinavian influence… Read More »Scandinavian

Timber Messmate

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Timber Messmate Building a new home can be a challenging prospect especially when there are so many options in terms of cabinetry and joinery designs.… Read More »Timber Messmate