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Black Castella Kitchen

Not all kitchens have a large space to work with, however, designing kitchen spaces for small homes and units doesn’t mean that you have limitations, it simply means that the design must work to compliment the size of the space.

This kitchen offers plenty of storage whilst feeling spacious despite this kitchen being in a unit located in Hobart’s outer suburb of New Norfolk.  This kitchen provides all the latest modern appliances in stainless steel whilst delivering on functionality and style.  This gorgeous two tone kitchen has a lot to offer with the cabinet exterior a combination of Polytec’s themolaminate in the colour black in a matt finish and Polytec melamine in a Ravine finish in the colour Char Oak.  These colours work so well together with the large tiled splashback complete with a marble finish.  The main bench tops use a laminate material by Polytec in the colour Calcutta D’oro a popular colour choice in many of our kitchens.  The bench return is a striking contrast in the Kitchen Centre’s own Evola Minnesota Oak Natural, a laminate, which, replicates a natural woodgrain finish. The cabinetry incorporates gorgeous black Castella handles, which, look perfect against the black cabinets.  The Polytec Ravine cabinetry provides a more streamline look with the push to open handle-less option.  A highlight is the Flemish cabinet interior is the colour Storm, which, looks great against the rest of the cabinet exterior.