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Black Venette

This new home is located the state’s north and was designed by Andrew Lowe.  This exceptional home provides everything stylish and modern and is styled to absolute perfection. 

All of the cabinetry and joinery in the home was completed by the Kitchen Centre and each room ties into the next with exceptional attention to detail.  The kitchen has an amazing Black Venette finish from Polytec.  One of the benefits of using the Venette finish is that it provides a fingerprint free surface in a matte finish.  This two tone kitchen also includes a gorgeous feature on both the island panels and the overhead cabinets directly behind the island bench.  These features have been completed in timber veneer messmate which creates the appearance of solid natural timber.  The bench top is a striking contrast in Caesarstone’s 20mm Cloudburst in a concrete finish.  The look has further been extended to created up the back wall to create a gorgeous splashback.  A completely streamline finish has been created with a handle-less look.  The large butlers pantry provides plenty of additional storage including a bar fridge, lots of shelving a place for microwave and an additional sink and bench space.  The cabinetry follows suit with the rest of the kitchen in the Black Venette.  The bench top is a great colour contract in Poyltec’s classic white in a matte finish.  The black splashback tiles are a stunning feature in a small hexagonal tile.  The vanities and powder room have been completed in the gorgeous timber veneer messmate with the Caesarstone Cloudburst in a concrete finish the same as in the kitchen.   The laundry provides a large amount of storage including the Black Venette sliding robe as well as the under bench cupbards and overhead cabinetry.  There is also a overhead shelving feature in the timber veneer Messmate.  The bench top in the laundry is in Polytec’s Tunisa Stone in a matera finish.  The handles are a great feature in by Kethy in a timber finish.  The child’s wardrobe featured is completed in Polytec Classic White in a textured finish.  What a stunning home to provide some amazing cabinetry for.

Project Details

  • Appliances – Dishwasher Bosch SMV88TX02A
  • Appliances – Rangehood Ariston AUU90AX-L
  • Appliances – Wall Oven 1 Bosch Eco HBG633BS1A
  • Appliances – Wall Oven 2 Bosch Pyro HRG6767S2A
  • Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe – Polytec Melamine Classic White Texture
  • Kitchen Accessories – Cutlery Tray Flemish Pure Concrete Light
  • Kitchen Bench Top – Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete
  • Kitchen Bulkhead – Polytec Black Venette
  • Kitchen Doors – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • Kitchen Doors – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • Kitchen End Panels – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • Kitchen Island Panels – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • Kitchen Island Panels – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • Kitchen Kickboards – Polytec Black Venette
  • Kitchen Splashback – Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete
  • Laundry Accessories – Built in Ironing Board 1468040
  • Laundry Bench Top – Polytec Tunisa Stone Matera
  • Laundry Bulkhead – Polytec Black Venette
  • Laundry End Panels – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • Laundry Handles – Kethy L7796/160 Walnut
  • Laundry Kickboards – Polytec Black Venette
  • Laundry Open Shelf – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • Laundry Sliding Doors – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • TV Unit Bench Top – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • TV Unit Doors – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • TV Unit End Panels – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • TV Unit Shadowline – Polytec Melamine Black Venette
  • Vanities & Desk Bench Tops – Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete
  • Vanities & Desk Doors – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • Vanities & Desk End Panels – Timber Veneer Messmate
  • Vanities & Desk Kickboards – Polytec Black Venette
  • Vanities & Desk Shadowline Polytec Black Venette