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Forest Green Kitchen

If you love colour in the kitchen then you are going to fall in love with this kitchen. 

We would like to introduce to you one of the latest kitchens, which, we have recently installed in our Hobart showroom  in New Town.  We wanted to incorporate some colour into the kitchen design and we loved the idea of using green, especially when paired with the gorgeous woodgrain finishes from the overhead cabinetry and the Tasmanian Oak bench top.  A gorgeous feature on this kitchen cabinetry is our very own VJ groove profile which adds texture into the design.  The cabinetry interior has been completed in the gorgeous contrasting wood grain finish in the Kitchen Centre’s own Flemish Essential Oak,which, works well with the rich green of the exterior cabinetry.  The painted exterior cabinetry on the lower cabinets has been completed in Highland Green with a satin finish.  The bench top in the kitchen is a subtle yet stunning addition to the space as it has been used not only for the bench tops surrounding the kitchen island but it has also been used as a feature splashback in Silestone’s Eternal Statuario.  The Tasmanian Oak bench top used on the kitchen island is a stunning main feature within the kitchen space.  The overhead cabinets have also been completed in Flemish Essential Oak to match the cabinet interior.  Also check out the Flemish accessories which match the cabinet interior and overheads including the cutlery inserts, spice rack, utensil insert and can rack, they are the perfect addition to any kitchen.