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Custom Cabinetry

Eclectic Features

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Eclectic Features This kitchen has some beautiful features which highlight the exclusive products and designs the Kitchen Centre can provide.  Firstly, the stunning Minnesota Oak… Read More »Eclectic Features


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Contemporary This Kitchen combines stunning natural materials and contemporary design elements to provide a fully functional modern kitchen.  The door cabinetry features Polytec vinyl in… Read More »Contemporary

Celery Top

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Celery Top This stunning Launceston property provides a uniquely modern yet minimalist aesthetic. All the cabinetry has been created using Celery Top Veneer, which, creates… Read More »Celery Top

Black Venette

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Black Venette This new home is located the state’s north and was designed by Andrew Lowe.  This exceptional home provides everything stylish and modern and… Read More »Black Venette

Seaside Escape

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Seaside Escape Situated in the small coastal enclave of Falmouth, Tasmania, is a spectacular seaside residence that encapsulates the best of coastal living. Perched on… Read More »Seaside Escape